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Atena Canis Club Moravia

breeding female

ZVV1, HD A, ED 0/0, DM carrier

Sirius Ad-Gur

breeding´s female

IGP3, HD A, ED 0/0, DM N/N

Perfecto Vamoz Bohemia

breeding´s male, family protection dog

IGP 1, BH, HD A, ED 0/0

Dogs for sale

Kwenny Vamoz Bohemia


(Perfecto Vamoz Bohemia x Atena Canis Club Moravia)

15 months, HD B, ED 0/0, ZVV1 

  • breeding´s female
  • family protection

  • medium level sport

Kody Vamoz Bohemia


(Perfecto Vamoz Bohemia x Atena Canis Club Moravia)  

19 months, HD B, ED 0/0

  • stud male
  • family/personal protection
  • medium-high level sport


Puppies Vamoz Bohemia

We have curently 5 wonderful puppies

About us

We are a team of 5 people who have dedicated their lives to dogs. We are owners of kennels that export puppies and trained adult dogs around the world. Our kennel operates under the auspices of the international canine organization FCI. We have been involved in sports cynology for over 20 years and during this time our kennel Vamoz Bohemia and Vamoz Moravia have bred more than 60 litters of puppies that give joy all over the world, mostly in the USA. 

The Vamoz Bohemia kennel was established in 2014. Until 2020, we bred the entire alphabet of puppies that found their families around the world. My goal is to raise individuals with good health, with strong nerves, with very good protective instincts, with great on / off and typically the beautiful exterior of a German Shepherd. 

Our team

MVDr. Veronika Čadílková 

  • Vamoz Bohemia breeder
  • veterinary physiotherapist
  • trainer
  • manager

Telefon: +420 723 406 063
E-mail: info@vamoz-bohemia.com

MVDr. Lubomír Stodůlka

  • Vamoz Moravia breeder
  • veterinary doctor
  • trainer

MVDr. Kristýna Klementová

  • Rapax Bohemia breeder
  • veterinary doctor
  • trainer


Adéla Benedeková

  • trainer



I wanted to take the time to let you know how happy I am with Ozzy. She's a fantastic dog with amazing potential and confidence. In short words she's the dream dog for personal protection and competition. I would happily refer you to anyone who wants to do business with you. You have always been very attentive during the entire process with the information you've given me about the dog I selected, and by providing me with pictures and videos of them. My experience was excellent. Top breeder!

Luis Vargas
Nashville, USA


I purchased my German Shepherd, Inex, from Veronika and the Vamoz Bohemia Kennel in the Spring of 2018. Veronika was wonderful to work with from the start! Even though she was extremely busy with veterinary school, she still made time to make sure I was informed during the entire process of importing our dog from Czech to the USA. Because I was so impressed with Veronika and her kennel, I planned a trip to visit her in the summer of 2018. I was able to spend a day training with her and her team at the local dog club near Kurim, and it was nothing short of amazing! Seeing Veronika and Lubomir train their dogs was like watching Mozart compose classical music. Wow. Not only do they possess talent, but they pair it with consistency and passion. I'm convinced that the genetics from Vamoz Bohemia, along with their early imprinting, socialization, and training tactics, make them one of the top breeders in all of the Czech Republic. I can't wait to go back and visit!

Keith Garyt Koening


If you are looking for an honest breeder that will match you with the right qualities you seek in your dog, you should put your trust in Veronika and her kennel.

She has a lot of experience in training and breeding amazing dogs. She is the breeder of my dog that has great working drives, is amazing around my children,

and has an on and off switch which is the exact qualities I was looking for. She always stays in touch to see how my dog is doing and answers any questions I have, and I have a lot of questions. I will certainly be reaching back out to Veronika when I'm ready to add another fur baby to my home. Thank you for everything you do!

Monja Djoric

Florida, USA


My experience with Kennel Vamoz Bohemia has been fantastic. I had a female pup transported to the United States years ago. Veronika made the process very easy and I received the puppy in perfect health. Her temperament was and is absolutely amazing. She has been everything I expected and more. Cira has excelled in many areas of work to include competitive obedience, protection (IPO, PSA, and personal protection), and scent work ( narcotics detection, article search, and tracking). Her obedience is fast and enthusiastic. Bitework is intense. She truly enjoys the fight. Nose work came naturally with very little effort. She maintains intensity in everything she does. Her clear mind and stable nerves allow her to function perfectly in any type of environment and she has taken on every task with pure devotion. Cira has a true passion for work but also has as excellent off switch. She is one of a kind. Her heart and soul are unmatched by any dog. I highly recommend Kennel Vamoz Bohemia.
This has to be the most balanced dog I will ever have. She not only does anything and everything I ask of her, but she does it all with passion, intensity, and true devotion. There may be some stronger, faster, or even smarter but there are none with Cira's heart and soul.
Thank you so much for this girl Veronika Matouskova!

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