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9 months

DOB: 4th August 2023

---> PEDIGREE here 

mother: Nike z Klidkova Dvora

father: Perfecto Vamoz Bohemia

prexrays OK

Extremly working dog

IGP, PSA, POLICE, family/personal protection dog 

Nio is a young, very promising dog, with great abilities for sports cynology. He was born in a kennel and has been actively trained for sports and personal protection since he was a puppy. He is a self-confident dog who loves his family, he is kind to children and other dogs, and an amazing hunter who is a joy to train with.He fulfills every command very quickly and willingly. His parents are breed tested and both live in my breeding station. The father is a dominant dog with real aggression, but with a great switch off and at the same time a protector and favorite of the family. I love his clean head that Nio inherited from him. The mother is a big female, with a natural full grip, and very willing to work. Both parents have naturally territorial behavior and an extreme appetite for work. Like him, they are very willing and quick to obey.Nio also stands out with a great pedigree. His father perfecto carries the blood of the legendary dog ​​Bolle JA NA KA through his father Hopper vom Brachtpetal. The Perfecto´s mother is a daughter of 3x world champion Hank vom Weinberlick. Mother of Nio - Nike comes from the kennel z Klidkova dvora, which brought up excellent studs..Ben z Klidkova dvora, Filip z Klidkova dvora, Hero z Klidkova dvora, Cello z Klidkova dvora.... Nike leads the blood of the dog of the legendary kennel EQIDIUS of Mr. Jan Sudimak... Mr. Sudimak has breeding goals: self-confident nature, strong head, strong bones and Our Nika is exactly like that. Equidius blood runs through Nio on both his father's and mother's side.

Nio has a negative X-ray, he has a pedigree - the new owner will receive an export pedigree, which makes full registration by AKC possible.
He lives in a family, has a huge pen with a run and a garden at his disposal, he guards perfectly, can travel by car, can be in a crate, he is clean and can live in a house under supervision.
Nio is very suitable for police work, for sports cynology (IGP, PSA), but also as a personal protection dog. He is also suitable for a woman. Ideal for someone who is looking for a great partner who is very willing to work.
He has 100% care, I am a veterinarian myself, he has been fed super premium feed, meat with supplements for the locomotor system and fur since he was a baby.

We have been training and selling dogs for more than 10 years. We have many satisfied customers from IGP world, the police, but also families without sporting ambitions.

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9 months old



DOB: 26th June 2022

sire: IGP3 Miro von der alten Schmiede

mom: ZVV1 Ladys od Jurečka

results: HD/ED 0/0, spondy 0

Karamba is an active dark sable female, with a higher drive, always in a positive mood. She is ready to go out "to work" at any time of the day or night. She is social, a friend to all people and animals. She is naturally obedient, very intelligent and very approachable to her master. Her high drive stands out on defense. She is very vigorous in biting the sleeve, she also loves biting the suit. She is eager to obey and quickly follows orders.
In terms of health, absolutely everything is without problems. HD/ED/spondy results all negative 0/0.
Karmaba is suitable for someone, who is looking for an exclusive female for sport (IGP, PSA) and breeding. She is also a great family guardian and protector of property.
She will also benefit as a breeding female for her excellent pedigree. She carries the blood of many world-famous dogs such as: 2x world champion IGP3 Chris spod Lazov, Hoky Va-Pe, Olek v.d. Maineiche..



DOB: 25th January 2021

Sire: Willy z Klídkova dvora

Mom: Fatima Nemesis Vlci udoli

HD f.normal, ED normal, DM N/N

Title ZVV1 

Fatty is a 1.5 year old female. The blood of famous names Dronko vom Alten Försterhaus, Javir vom Talka Marda runs through her father Willy z Klidkova dvora.

Fatty has a calm, gentle nature. Already at a relatively young age, she passed the ZVV1 performance exam, with negative test results for hereditary orthopedic defects and confirmed origin by DNA analysis. She is a beautiful female of elegant figure, has a well-shaped typical head and a dark eye. She is naturally obedient and has been trained as a family dog. She is used to living in the garden and in the house, she can travel by car, be in a kennel. She knows how to behave properly, does not pull on a leash, is used to following a baby stroller. She is social, has no problem with other dogs. She likes children. Due to her loving character, I can recommend her as an ideal family companion/protection dog and, thanks to her excellent pedigree, as a breeding female. 



6,5 months, TOP drive male, IGP sport, police dog, PSA, personal protection

sire: IGP3 Eddy z Javorové zahrady

mother: ZVV1 Thora Miss Jakoso



6,5 months, TOP drive male, IGP sport, police dog, PSA, personal protection

sire: IGP3 Eddy z Javorové zahrady

mother: ZVV1 Thora Miss Jakoso

We offer for sale a wonderful almost 7 month old dog Zar miss Jakoso. Zar was created by combining the German sports line on the father's side and the Czech working line on the mother's side. Zar is the grandson of Aika von der Ofdener Schlucht, who excelled with a strong territorial guarding drive and passed this trait onto his offsprings. He has the legendary Bolle Ja-Na-Ka in his pedigree. Zar is a very talented teenager. Despite his young age, he stands out for his high excitement at the gates and his genetically innate full bite.

His greatest strengths include excellent social behavior. He fits into any space without hesitation, he doesn't mind slippery floors. He loves all people and wants to cuddle with them. He shows a great willingness to train for obedience. He has a big drive with the ball. His exterior features include a beautifully shaped head with a dark eye. His great qualities predestined him for the work of a police, military, sports, guard dog. His character traits have been developed and put into practice through rigorous training. He can handle being tied to a tether by himself...where he won't be intimidated by a stranger simulating an ambush. He deflects his attack with a sovereign bark.
Zar is used to living in the garden, in a pen and in a cage, he is used to being in a car and likes to travel. He is good with other dogs and people. He is very suitable for someone who is looking for a dog with high potential for sports or police work. He is a young, very promising dog full of energy, suitable for both a man and a woman.
Zar is a healthy dog, full teeth, has both testicles, is ready to fly.
For more information, contact me. 



DOB: 3rd February 2022

HD 1/1, ED 0/0


sire: Perfecto Vamoz Bohemia

mother: Atena Canis club Moravia

Kody is a young dog of attractive type, ideal size and dark eyes. His advantage is his moderate temperament, which makes him a good companion for the family, but also a good partner for sports activities. On defense, he excels with his loud barking and vigorous moves into the glove. He can defend his owner on the command "watch out". He is friendly with children and other dogs. He is used to traveling a car, crate trained and live in the garden. 

His father, Perfecto Vamoz Bohemia is the ideal watchdog of the family. He can be calm but becomes aggressive on command. He carries the blood of the legendary Bolle JA NA KA and three-time world champion Hank vom Weinberblick. 

Koddy's mother is a gorgeous strong female Atena Canis Club Moravia. Atena is a 100 percent social female, both with people and animals. She is a tireless retriever. She has a beautiful strong head and dark eyes. 

The son Kody inherited only the best qualities from both parents. He can be a great partner for a family with an active lifestyle, or a sports dog.

He will have an export pedigree for full registration by AKC, chip, eu pas and healthy certification. He is ready to go. We want to find him the best home. We stay in touch with our clients and try to help with everything possible.



DOB: 23th May 2023


Little Black Touch Gold Ray is a beautiful malinois for sale. He is a spirited dog that rushes without fear to all places and to all people. he has an excellent hunting instinct, he likes to hunt everything that moves. Another advantage is his attractive appearance. He stands out with his black mask and red body. This gorgeous puppy was created by a careful selection of great parents.

His mother Bacari Belrott is a human- and animal-friendly female with full bites at defense. She is the daughter of the founder of the Belrott breeding station, a TOP female Cherr Mi -Ji. Bacarri is a sister of Boss (owned by Petr Foltyn), Bena (owned by Denis Soldan) and third of the famous names aunt of C'Rapper (young hope by Jany Bohm, who won National level race CACIT IGP3 this year). Father of little Touch is a beautiful dog, a red devil Cannibal Rebel dog. Cannibal is a big strong dog with great dominance and appetite for work. At obedience, he presents himself with a beautiful expression while healing and always with his tail up. At defense, he presents himself with a strong bite and great dominance. He comes from ringed Belgian blood. Little Touch is a beautiful and super talented male, such a dog can not disappoint the new owner.

He is ready to go at his 10 weeks (so due 2 weeks), chiped, 2 times vaccinated, x-times dewormed, with eu pas, healt certification and an export pedigree for full registration by AKC.



* 17 months

* ZVV1

* HD B, ED 0/0

Kweny is a healthy, temperamental, hardworking female with a friendly nature towards people and dogs. She is always cheerful, ready to please her master. On the owner's land, it has a territorial instinct and reports the presence of an intruder by barking. Already at a very young age, she demonstrated character qualities and passed the all-round exam ZVV1. She comes from two very well-balanced parents. Father Perfecto Vamoz Bohemia leads through his own father Hoper vom Brachtpetal hyperactive blood of Bolle Janaka but with an excellent switch off. Perf is a breeding and family protection dog in our kennel and stands out mainly for his strong defensive instinct, but also for his friendly nature, present in everyday life. The mother, Athena Canis Club Moravia is a big, strong female with a great temperament, strong defense and drive to the balls. She is a great mother as a breeding female.

Kwenny is a very high-quality female suitable for breeding, sports cynology, as a personal protection dog, or a great companion.

Kweny is chiped, fully vaccinated, dewormed, 100% veterinary care, used to life outside the house, crate trained, she loves swimming. She will have an export pedigree for full registration by AKC.

Shipping possible worldwide. We have many years of experience, don´t hesitate to contact me.