About us

We are a team of 5 people who have dedicated their lives to dogs. We are owners of kennels that export puppies and trained adult dogs around the world. Our kennel operates under the auspices of the international canine organization FCI. We have been involved in sports cynology for over 20 years and during this time our kennel Vamoz Bohemia and Rapax Bohemia have bred more than 60 litters of puppies that give joy all over the world, mostly in the USA.
The Vamoz Bohemia kennel was established in 2014. Until 2020, we bred the entire alphabet of puppies that found their families around the world. My goal is to raise individuals with good health, with strong nerves, with very good protective instincts, with great on / off and typically the beautiful exterior of a German Shepherd.
Thanks to this, even very greedy dogs can live in a house in peace with their family and at the same time be their excellent protector. Most of our breeding bitches have passed the highest tests of IGP3 performance, have healthy joints confirmed by FCI examination (HD/ED 0/0), a typical exterior and the nature of a German Shepherd.
We select covering dogs both in Germany, where the German Shepherd comes from, and in the Czech Republic. We select only breeding, healthy individuals of the highest qualities. Hundreds of dogs passed through our hands, with whom we reached various levels of training. We deal with sports cynology, we pass ZVV1 / BH, IGP1-IGP3 exams, but we also deal with family / personal protection training. Our dogs must be versatile and meet tough conditions. We work only with TOP individuals who can handle the training and who become uncompromising protectors of the family. Our dogs live with us in the house, they are used to a kennel, but also to stay in the garden. We give them the best living conditions. From an early age, we get used to various real situations, we get acquainted with the surrounding city traffic, with children, other dogs. We teach them to defend under very difficult conditions. Our dogs are our family members as well as their new owners.

In our team we are 3 veterinarians and our motto is 5 TOP.
- TOP living conditions of dogs
- TOP feeding
- TOP veterinary care
- TOP relationship
- TOP training

We own a physiocentre for dogs with an underwatertreadmill and a swimming pool, so we can take care of the quality of their musculoskeletal system. The dogs are under the constant supervision of the canine physiotherapist Dr. Veronika Matouskova, who takes care of both their fitness training and quality muscles. Our priority is a satisfied customer who, after buying a dog from our kennel, becomes a member of the team and is given all the service. We stay in touch with the new owners, we receive information, photos from new homes, or we advise on training, and we are very pleased.
We are based in Europe. We usually send a new dog directly to your nearest airport, or you can pick it up in person in the Czech Republic with all the service from us. We will welcome your visit and since we love our work, we understand it, we have spent years with our dog, so we will introduce you to everything we have taught your new family member in the best way possible.
Feel free to contact us for more information, we look forward to seeing you.